Lincoln – Eleven Months

1/16/17 – 2/15/17

Fun Facts

On February 12th, just before the close of his eleventh month, Lincoln finally picked his belly off the ground and mastered the crawl. This came after months of army crawling. A big moment! He also got four teeth all at once. That was a rough week. Lincoln does not teethe with ease. It comes with fevers, drool, spitting up, and general malaise. It turns our cheery dude into a teething beast! But his toothy smile is quite cute! And how could he eat such delicious food without all those teeth?


Finally, we taught Lincoln a little bit about freedom of speech, peaceful protest, activism and civic engagement at the Sacramento Women’s March.

He didn’t quite understand the lesson.


Big Moments

Lincoln’s baptism was this month. The Kelahan Klan came to visit, and we made a mini stay-cation out of it.

Auntie Em and Uncle Carlo had never visited Lake Tahoe, so we took a day to drive up the mountain to do some sightseeing. What we didn’t take into consideration was the record-breaking amount of snow that the Sierras received this year. The snow was piled so high that it was hard to get a glimpse of the lake. Instead, we went on a short walk through a regional park. As the day progressed, the snow began to melt in the trees, and we were hit with mini avalanches! Despite this, Lincoln was quite cozy.

Lincoln was very patient with the baptism. He even did a bit of a dance after the blessing.

Samson, on the other hand, was, well, Samson.


So Big

We don’t know how big Lunker Lincoln is. We do know that he has a giant head. We aren’t sure where the big head genes come from.


Look At My Tie


Ten Months


Fun Facts

Whoosies! Lincoln had a huge month. He started sitting up with a wee bit more confidence — Still wobbly, but he is getting there. He is doing some very, very tentative crawling, but really is just inching around on his belly. And, he can walk behind things, but only when on his knees.

As for fine motor skills, the little dude has mastered getting things into his own mouth, and has been eating lots of little, little chunks. He likes soft cheese, bananas, and avocados.

Lincoln added his third tooth. He got the third tooth the first week of January. Strangely, while it is the first tooth on the top, it is not the middle tooth, but the second to middle on the left side. Samson’s teeth also came in in an unusual order. <shrug>

Finally, Lincoln has taken a liking to our drum kit! If Matt plays music, he crawls (and by crawl I mean army crawl on his belly) over to the drum kit and grabs a stick. Perhaps he will be the musician in the family. (Judging by the quality of Samson off-tune renditions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the ABC’s, I’m betting it isn’t that kid.) Lincoln is “so big” he can jam out.

Big Moments

Lincoln had his first Christmas. It was a great holiday season, and we did lots of fun things. First, we cut down our own tree at a tree farm in the Sierra Foothills.



Our shuttle


Best passenger


We looked high and low…


Far and wide…


And we finally found one.

Lincoln was the Baby Jesus in the church pageant. He cooed his way through, and looked dapper, too. Stirrups!


We made the pilgrimage to the “family-friendly” Christmas Eve service. We tried to get a picture of the family. Antics ensued.

We opened gifts on Christmas day, and the kids were spoiled, as usual.


Lincoln’s favorite gift was the pacifier bead clip. He hung on to those beads for about six weeks. And then forgot about them.

So Big

We spent New Year’s Eve with the best of friends in Denver. As you can see, our baby is huge.



Look at My Tie

(This is where I admit that I committed an epic parent fail. I did not take a picture of Lincoln in his 10 Month tie shirt. I didn’t even notice until the 11th month picture! Oops! I’m subbing in a naked baby photo.)


It isn’t a tie shirt…



Lincoln – Nine Months

11/16 – 12/15

Fun Facts

The big development this month was Lincoln’s army crawling! He is dexterous enough to crawl around his room at school, play on the soft playscape, and even to crawl over to the lunch area in order to squawk for some food (the kid likes to eat). He also manages a solid downward dog yoga pose, which perfects his planking technique that he picked up in his eighth month. He does a lot of rocking to and for on his knees, but hasn’t quite picked up on how to sync it all together.

Just plankin’ it out, folks.

Big Moments

Lincoln’s first Thanksgiving! It was a quiet holiday with just the four of us. Both Lincoln and Samson rocked some holiday shirts at the park. For dinner, Lincoln enjoyed a turkey, cranberry, and apple puree while those of us with teeth ate the real stuff. Thumbs up, all around.


Lincoln and I travelled to Nebraska for a quick trip the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was the first time mama and baby flew solo, and I can’t complain. The dude was an A+ traveller.


Despite the sad travel circumstances, Lincoln managed to get in some squeezes from cousin, aunties, and Grandma Bonnie.



So Big

Lincoln is rocking the Size 3 diapers and is still wearing the 6-9 months outfits. True to form, he is pretty short, quite round, and has a giant head.



Look at My Tie