Halloween 2018

It all started when Samson declared that he wanted to dress up for Halloween as something I love.

“Sushi?” he thought. No, that wasn’t quite right.

“Ha! A jalapeno pepper!” he declared.

That’s when Matt jumped in and stated that Lincoln should be a dragon (because he likes to pretend he is an extraordinary beast of one kind or another), and that we should be tacos.

Turns out you can buy any costume you can think of on Amazon.

After trick-or-treating, we ate some pizza, and it was good.


(We did our fair share of pumpkin activities throughout the month, too,  including pumpkins and spooky art.)



A Self Portrait

Lincoln, August 2018

Pretty good for a little guy!

PreK Graduation Ceremony

Samson “officially” graduated from his PreK class in June, and he will start Transitional Kindergarten after the Labor Day holiday. To honor the transition, here are a few clips from his graduation ceremony.

Part 1 – Processional:

Part 2 – Teachers’ Speeches:

Part 3 – Receiving a Diploma:

Part 4 – An Amazing Song:

Part 5 – Friendship Medals


Popsicle, Potty Please!

Lincoln went pee in the potty for the first time tonight. We celebrated with popsicles.

We weren’t trying, so Samson was the only witness.

“Mom! Dad! This is so exciting! Lincoln peed in the potty!!